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BioMentor Mission

Positioning Companies for Success
BioMentor International Inc. is dedicated to providing healthcare manufacturers expert advice and counsel regarding their overseas business opportunities assuring early success in those endeavors consistent with their business potential.

About BioMentor

Since its founding in 2007, BioMentor's clients include both large publicly-held companies such as: Stryker Corp., LIVA NOVA, emerging to mature firms: NxStage Medical, Stentys, Jarvik Heart Inc., Penumbra Inc., NinePoint Medical, Avantis Medical, Corindus Inc., and fast-paced start-ups that have recently been acquired: BARRX Medical, Navilyst Medical, Advanced Bionics, Alphatec Spine International, Thoratec, Given Imaging, BionX Medical, DFINE Inc., and Xlumena.  


BioMentor has also guided start-up firms such as: Stroma Medical, Neotract, Devicare (Spain), EKKYO (France), and Haptica (Ireland). 


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Jim Means

President and CEO Jim Means most recently served as a vice president and general manager of Boston Scientific, a Boston based medical devices company, where he pioneered and developed direct sales subsidiaries in 14 locations around the world including Latin America, Central Europe, and The Middle East, overseeing $54 million in sales responsibilities. He was promoted, in May of 2005, to vice president-international of Boston Scientific's newly acquired company, Advanced Bionics. From 1983-1996 Means was international vice president of Nova Biomedical Corporation, where he established the international sales organization and grew the initial contribution from $1.5 million to $40 million. When not guiding businesses to international success, Means is passionate about skiing, tennis and ice hockey, as well as hiking, canoeing and kayaking. He has raced in the annual Run of the Charles canoe race in Boston every year since its inception 25 years ago. He is a connoisseur of fine food and wine and an avid supporter of the arts. Means is a sought after voice on the lecture circuit, has mentored MBA student candidates at Boston College, Boston University, and Babson College, and is an active and committed member of Rotary International. Means is a graduate of DePauw University (BA).


Scope of Services

Positioning Companies for Growth

BioMentor's unique services are tailored to meet the needs of growing companies in the healthcare industry. More specifically, companies that specialize in medical and surgical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, OTC, and OEM. The geographies served by BioMentor are European Union, The Americas; Canada and Latin America (with concentration on Brazil), Middle East (with concentration on Gulf States), Africa, Japan, and Asia-Pacific.

How We Work / Deliverables

First Stage (without traveling overseas)

  • Draw on tacit knowledge for a common-sense approach to clients' aspirations in OUS markets (Outside USA). Act as a value-added facilitator.
  • Review of key criteria to assure success in an export business or a direct presence abroad.
  1. Prioritize countries (seek low-hanging fruit)
  2. Review basic consideration on Regulatory/documentation, Reimbursement/Funding, State-of-the-art, competitive environment, product features and benefits
  3. Explore channels of distribution e.g. legal models for a direct approach or International Distribution Agreements, Sub-dealerships, Stockists, Commission Agents, Consultants, Ad hoc employment (and on-going management of those relationships)
  4. Define scientific and technical support needs; assure Quality standards
  5. Finalize a comprehensive business plan draft



Second Stage (in the overseas markets)

  • Identify and meet with Key Opinion Leaders to learn about their practices, their patients, and obstacles they are facing. Learn about their needs.
  • Establish an understanding and working-relationship with selected KOL's
  • Test and challenge the draft business plan and submit recommendations to upper management and legal counsel.
  • Develop an action plan
  • Provide on-site management (short to mid term) executing an action plan or determining business viability.
  • Recruit and select talent in connection with business plan.
  • Corporate security
  • Background checks
  • Travel restrictions to dangerous areas and support on the ground


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